Welcome to Wirksworth Heritage Centre

We are a unique local history museum, housed in an old silk mill, who exist to tell “the Story of Wirksworth,” a beautiful and ancient leadmining town in the heart of Derbyshire.

The Gift Shop and Gallery sells work by local artists and crafts workers as well as cards, local history books, maps and guides.

The Heritage Centre at Crown Yard is now closed at as part of a three year re-development which includes moving the museum into a more accessible location in the town centre. As the first stage of this development, we have opened a Cafe, Gallery and Shop called Websters at 31 St Johns Street.  There is also an official Tourist Information Point within the Cafe fully supported by the Visit Peak District & Derbyshire Tourist Board.

The Gift Shop and Gallery continues to sell work by local artists and crafts workers as well as cards, local history books, maps and guides from our new location at Websters on St John’s Street.  We also have some limited digital displays of images from our archive.

Our unique local history museum, will continue to put on temporary exhibitions and we are currently developing the disused workshop at the rear of Websters which we hope to have open with an exhibition at Spring Bank Holiday.  Although we will have limited resources to tell “the Story of Wirksworth,” a beautiful and ancient leadmining town in the heart of Derbyshire, we are comitted to keeping the story alive during this period of re-development.

Wirksworth Heritage Centre has received initial support* from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for their Recreation and Renaissance project, it was announced today.

Group Guided Walks and School visits are still welcome and we use the town itself as a virtual museum for our workshops.

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